Our Story

Big Tall Dogs

Tibetan Mastiff

Founded By Large Dog Owners. For Large Dogs.

The struggle is real. After rooting through major online pet retailers, we found one massive flaw. The bigger the pup, the more limited the product. One in five American households own a dog. On average, one third of households globally have a dog. We know a large portion of these pooches are big and tall… so why not throw them a bone?

Our sole focus at Big Tall Dogs is to enhance the life of your gentle giant. With a curated selection of quality products from ethical manufacturers, we hope to become the one-stop-shop for any and all large breed needs. 

From the purchase to the shipping and everywhere in between... we will proudly keep big canines and their owners at the forefront of our business. 

Whether you’re on the road with your pup, enjoying the great outdoors, cozied up in the neighborhood, or living the city life… no bark is too big and no height is too tall at Big Tall Dogs.